I was born and raised in West Michigan, spent a few years in the Seattle area, and now I'm back in Michigan. I've never been very far from the natural beauty, mystery, and splendor of the shoreline - even when traveling the around world (Thanks Navy!).

I'm a professional software developer by trade, but I'm quickly becoming consumed with capturing the timeless beauty of nature - and sharing it with others.

I currently wander around the Muskegon Michigan area, just looking to capture that one moment in time that will never happen again. I'm also really fond of road trips, so keep an eye out there for me!

I'm also a Senior Staff Writer for Fstoppers.com, so be sure to drop by and check out my photography articles.

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You may have seen these photos on the news...

So here is my 15 minutes of fame. :) These are photos of the near drowning that occurred on 8-20-2015 at Grand Haven Michigan. Both girls were rescued and made a full recovery.

Just hours after these photos were taken they went viral, making headline news across the world. They were featured on Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC World News Tonight, Daily Mail, many newspapers, websites, and most of the nightly news broadcasts.

These photos are not for sale.

Famous Photos

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